Brand Essence

We are sharing information, knowledge and experience in good faith – and we do this better than anyone!

Proudly placed amongst the most important human resources management providers in the industrial field in Romania, we are true upholders of the “everything is about people” philosophy.

We are truly aware of the role we play in improving people’s lives by redesigning personal and business paths. Our goal is to be the technical expert and at the same time the sympathetic and flexible consultant required in a dynamic staffing market.

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We started RIAN & Partners trusting the depth and empowerment of sustainable partnerships and team expertise.

We continued RIAN & Partners by seeking, exploring, challenging, questioning any pre-existing solution. We succeed because in everything we do we stay authentic but also focused towards solution and improvement.



Sustainable partnership


Combining the values of the brand with professional ethics and deontology,
RIAN&Partners keeps its promise both regarding companies and candidates.

RIAN&Partners Promise

RIAN&Partners Promise