We permanently assist and counsel you in order to identify the right type of talent according to your corporate organizational culture.

Considering our perfectly adapted methodology to the industrial segment in Romania and to our excellent network of contacts, we have easy access exclusively to high standard resources: top professionals, managers, technical talents, industrial executives.

Empathy, together with a trustworthy and on time feedback, have successfully differentiated us and nurtured truthful, transparent and sustainable partnerships.

How do we approach the recruitment process?

1. Project calibration

  • This stage is vital for achieving efficient results by developing an adequate recruitment strategy.
    • How did the position appear in the organization?
    • Which is the offered compensation and benefits package? (Benchmark on salary level)
    • What are the organizational values and culture? (Focus on the organizational structure, processes and strategy of the company)
    • Which is the best recruitment method? (Anonymous, headhunting, internal applications, visible branding)

2. Profile calibration

  • Defining skills and abilities
  • Drafting the recruitment announcement
  • Establishing the tests (psychological, linguistic, etc.) to be presented to the selected candidates.

3. Identifying talents

  • Publishing and activating the project-related candidate database
  • Selection of résumés
  • Interviews with relevant candidates
  • Presentation of the shortlist and submission of feedback to the rejected candidates from the shortlist
  • Final selection

4. Follow-up

  • Checking the references and mediating the labor contract agreement between the parties
  • Tracking the integration process of the candidate (both within the team and in the organization)
  • Requiring feedback of the candidate and customer after the employment

We help you enhance the development pace or the strategic improvement competencies of your managerial team.

Key management employees are the ones who really make the difference between an average and a top company. The efforts of developing a desirable employer brand must be carefully balanced with a team who can support that very brand. At RIAN we fully understand this concept, providing talent acquisition teams with support in identifying top professionals who make the difference in the market place.

We deliver over 30 successful Executive Search projects annually! Our customers have come to understand that the added value of such a project lies in the recruiter’s craftsmanship in identifying the ideal mix between the organizational culture and the future team manager.

Here’s how we do this:

  • Detailed knowledge of the local and regional recruitment market
  • In-depth understanding of the customer’s organizational culture, through calibration discussions of each entrusted project
  • Gathering 360 degrees references for each candidate profile sent to the customer
  • Direct management of each Executive Search project by one of RIAN’s Managing Partners

We customize 100% of our training sessions supporting you in effectively meeting the emerging needs of a constantly growing business.

In a constantly dynamic market, a strong team and a consolidated internal environment can help you go from zero to hero. We run as an extension of your HR internal department, but at an increased speed and with enhanced competencies. We observe, suggest, and improve internal processes through trainings custom-made to your specific challenges.

We fancy partnerships based on authenticity and growth. Through our development programs so far, we managed to cover the following areas:

  • soft-skills development
  • human resources processes (recruitment and selection techniques, social management)
  • organizational analysis and diagnosis

The access system can be open or in-house, upon request.

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Analysis, diagnosis and training program for Team Leaders in the industrial environment

We help you to easily retain your most skillful employees, coping with the threats of competitors’ counter-offers targeting the stability of your internal teams.

The TL Coaching program focuses on developing and training the link between senior management and work crews: the team leaders.

A dedicated team leader helps you in motivating employees regardless of their level, improves internal communication, production processes, at the overall performance of the company.

It might have been a time when you used to take decisions at the organizational level and yet, you did not manage to figure out why they did not work out as expected. Or to consider that you can do it all by yourself, tackling with concepts and hard-shell specific methods.

Regardless of the challenges, we can help you identify your organizational development priorities, designing proper solutions and assisting you in the implementation process.

Our competencies include:

  • on-site management;
  • assessment and development centers;
  • talent acquisition and management;
  • corporate communication;
  • training programs for industrial workers and / or projects dedicated to the social climate (satisfaction surveys, counselling, compensation and benefits programs for employees);
  • executive development.

According to the requirements and project size, we can detach a full time / part time consultant at your headquarters.

We support you in shaping your optimal professional future, whether you are at the beginning of your journey (Fresh Graduate) or you want a change in your professional perspective (Junior or Senior Professional).

Sometimes, tips for preparing for job interviews can seem helpful at first, but prove harmful later.

Our first input is to be considerate of your future, avoiding the trap of considering that generalized, depersonalized and poorly documented approaches are appropriate for you. Our career counselling sessions are based on trust and confidentiality and aim at identifying your competitive advantages. We treat you thoughtfully, considering your background, your current professional level and  the one you’re targeting.

Lastly, we want you to understand, together with some friends and partners, the reasons why these tips are not necessarily suitable for you.

We are certified coaching professionals and we provide you with support in adding value to internal human resources processes.

Coaching serves competitive companies in working systematically on discovering and developing those inner resorts that financial motivation cannot reach.

We can assist you in drafting specific programs, designed both for work crews and business managers for:

  • Increasing employees’ motivation and performance
  • Upholding promoted employees in a managerial position
  • Mediating interpersonal and inter-department relations
  • Acquiring flexibility and adaptability to change
  • Changing the organizational culture